About Theresa Peduto

A facilitator providing information and guidance on academic options.

College Advising

A personalized approach to help students navigate through college selection and application process.

Learning Disability Specialists

We work closely with students with learning difference and their families.

International Students Applying to US Universities

We help International Students prepare and apply for college in the USA.

Organizational Coaching / Life Coaching

Providing organizational coaching for college students and young adults.

Creative Arts Placement

Guidance for Musicians, Actors, Artists, Writers, Dancers, and Filmmakers


I have previously worked with Theresa Peduto and I am very happy to provide a recommendation. She has worked with both our daughter, who just started at Georgetown this fall, and our son who is finishing up his last. I cannot say enough great things about Theresa, and the specialized and insightful help she provided during the college process for both of them (and some necessary moral support for the parents as well). — Parent, Bronxville, NY

Theresa is amazingly familiar with special programs and tricks that the student or parent wouldn’t know, and the school counselors don’t seem to know either, or don’t have time for. Most of all, she is tireless in her efforts to pull it all together, and she brings a great sense of humor to an otherwise painful and grueling process. — Parent, New York, NY

My daughter, always a driven student with an excellent record, set some very high goals for herself. After working with her school counselor, she was fairly assured she would be accepted by an Ivy League College, her ED school. When she was not, she lost all faith in her school counselor and said “I want Theresa”. This was literally at the eleventh hour, we had two weeks before all other apps were due, and Theresa valiantly stepped in and retooled her list and worked with her round the… — Parent, New York, NY

Our son, first of all needed some particular help because of short term memory and organizational issues that influenced his abilities, and also because he is a smart kid who just refused to work up to his intellectual capacity. Also, he is artistic, and passionate about animation and video games, and insisted on pursuing that in college. Though most universities offer these programs in some fashion now, at the time they did not, and Theresa was invaluable in helping us find the available and… — Parent, New York, NY

One of Theresa’s great strengths is that she really understands how to match a student’s ability level with what a particular school is looking for. If a student has their heart set on a school that she knows isn’t likely to accept them, for whatever reason, she is frank about it, and helps find better options. — Parent, Pelham, NY